tisdag 29 september 2009



Welcome to my blog!

Here I will post pictures and write a little about my new project: playing my favorite game Musket and Pike: This Accursed Civil War by GMT Games, using 6mm figures instead of counters and real terrain instead of an abstract map.

I´ve been playing Musket & Pike for almost two years and like the games a lot. They are well made, historically correct and very fun to play. I have successfully introduced the series to my gaming buddies. These friends however (and myself secretly) tend to favor playing with miniatures.

So I found Baccus! One order has already arrived and has been painted. Another with rest of the infantry is on the way and should be here any day now. Cavalry will be the next order. This is how my figures looked when they first arrived:


Initial Goals

For once, I´m trying to be organized and goalminded. I´m starting out small, always a wise thing (but something I never remember to do).

My first goal is to be able to play the battle of Edgehill (from TACW, link above). This tells me exactly how many units of figures and what terrain I need. I also know exactly when I need to be finished with this first step: the 26th of November. Why? In the weekend following this date there is a gaming convention in the town of Helsingborg. I have contacted the organizer of the event and told him that I´m willing to arrange a game of Edgehill on the convention.

So it begins.

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