lördag 20 mars 2010

Off Track

Lately I´ve been contemplating a way to play the bigger Musket & Pike battles. I have found that playing the English civil war battles work well in 6mm, as there are comparatively few troops in relation to the Thirty Years war. But for example setting up Lützen 1632 would require double or even triple the amount of 6mm miniatures and terrain I possess now.

So I have decided to explore a new scale: 2mm. They are made by Irregular, but I contacted the Irregular stockist Angel Barracks and asked if I could order from them instead as he uses Paypal but Irregular does not.

My first batch of samples is on the way. According to Michael who runs Angel Barracks, the 2mm miniatures are "SOOOOOOOOOOOO tiny, very cool though."

Stay tuned for pictures of the little guys, when they arrive.

fredag 5 mars 2010

Edgehill Played Yet Again

Last Saturday we played a game of Edgehill in Helsingborg. It was a fun introduction game with four players.

1) The first picture shows the Rebel musketeers screening the hedges.

2) The second shot shows cavalry action on the flanks, the white crosses are fired artillery and finished leaders.

3) Photo number three shows the Rebels trying to form a better line but getting hit in the rear by Royal cavalry.

4) Pic four shows a Rebel infantry brigade being forced into hedgehog and then shot up by two Royalist brigades.