söndag 29 november 2009

Goal Achieved: First Game of Edgehill played

My goal has been achieved! Last weekend, at the gaming convention in Helsingborg, the premier game of this project was played twice by me and my friends.

Everything went more or less according to plan. I´m still very tired from painting non-stop for the past two weeks and the weekend was also exhausting (explaining rules, talking to curious and friendly nerds, sleeping in the same motel room as infamous snorer Totte, all while under a serious case of dehydration).

I also lost both games and unfortunately I´m a very bad loser (but in the end I prefer to be, it´s a sign of passion and ambition).

I´m very happy with the way the project turned out. I also got lots of positive and kind comments from people at the convention. While usually not inclined to bragging, I would for once like to say to myself: good job.

I won´t talk more for now, but skip to the important stuff: the pictures!
Even more pictures can be found here.

måndag 23 november 2009

Why no update for a while?

Why haven´t I written anything on the blog for quite some time? Well, I´ve been very busy with the project lately, just painting all those cavalry, leaders and basing units. No time or energy left for blogging.

I also got lazy in the first part of November, thinking I had all the time in the world. Then suddenly it´s D day! This Friday actually. I still have almost half the cavalry left to paint... But almost everything else is done. The weekend turned into a crazed frenzy of work in a fog of paint, glue and coffee.

This is what remains to be done, a list for my own benefit and relief (it always helps to write things down)
  • Paint all cavalry
  • Base all cavalry
  • Make more terrain: hedges and road sections. Not sure how many I need
  • Base the last two heavy infantry brigades (Foppa has one, I the other)
  • Iron out the folds on the game mat
  • Print out the Edgehill map and setup (because the game mat has no hex numbers)
  • Make little name tags for the units, such as "Byron 18-8" (Byron´s brigade, strenght 18, morale 8), or "4-8 lb 4-14" (Artillery, sakers, range)
  • Paint and base all 14 leaders I need (6 of them are done)
  • Pack all miniatures, rules, charts and counters I need for the game
  • Pack sleeping bag and everything else I need to stay in Helsingborg for two nights
And much more I can´t remember right now that will probably pop up in my mind on Thursday evening, knowing myself.

söndag 8 november 2009

Very Hot Mat by Hotz

Some more pictures of the game mat in action.

Big picture: A brigade of heavy infantry screened by dragoons and two batteries of artillery.

Overview picture: Shows the hedge lined road I need for Edgehill. Could be better but this will have to do for now. I wish I could have a more narrow hedge lined road, but at least this one fits in one hex.

måndag 2 november 2009

First Cavalry Finished and Game Mat Has Landed

This hobby is like having Christmas every few weeks. With regular intervals orders arrive by mail and make your day. Today for instance my long awaited game mat arrived.

The game mat by Hotz Artworks looks good. 2 inch hexes on one side, 1,5 inch hexes on the other. To my surprise the mat I got was square, 117 by 117 centimeters.

I had ordered a 117 by 86 cm mat. But the one I got actually works much better for my needs, it matches the Edgehill map I´m using which is is 24 by 24 hexes. The 2 hex inch mat I ordered was only available in 23 by 21 hexes.

But I somehow received a 25 by 23 hex mat so once again I´m happy like a kid in some kind of a store.

Some photos of my first painted cavalry, on top of the new terrain mat. I´m playing around with different base sizes and how many horses I should have per base. These photos are dedicated to Asko (regular commentator of my blog posts) :-)