onsdag 2 december 2009

New Goal: The First Battle of Newbury

OK, Edgehill was planned, done and played. Some celebration and a few days of rest later I want to announce the start of the planning for the next goal.

It´s going to be 1st Newbury. Why? This battle is another half mapper, see the picture above. It also has relatively few troops. It´s also a favorite of mine, an exciting and balanced battle. The scenario has free setup which I usually enjoy. The players set up their troops (within limits) how they like and hidden from each other. This makes setup into a game of itself.

To play 1st Newbury I need:

  • 10 double hex heavy infantry brigades. (I have 11 so this is already done)
  • 2 single hex heavy infantry units. (Easy to do, I have the figs but unpainted.)
  • 29 units of cavalry. (I have 20, so 9 left. Not bad at all.)
  • Light infantry: 2 dragoons (check), 3 musketeers (check) and 3 large units of musketeers (have 1, need 2 more)
  • Artillery: 2 culverins, 4 sakers, 4 falcons. I have ordered some Siege guns from Baccus to paint up as the heavy culverins. The other guns I have already.
So what is the challenge? As you can see from the map above, Newbury has quite a lot of terrain. There are several types of terrain that will cause me problems:
  • The hill that covers a large part of the battle field. This need to be modeled somehow. I´m thinking about several options at the moment, which I will get back to shortly.
  • The many hexes of hedge lined road. I did a long straight section for Edgehill, but this will be much more challenging.
  • Woods, villages, houses, Roman burial mounds and a river....
More later on this. Wish me luck!

7 kommentarer:

Ruarigh sa...

Good luck. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Radius sa...

Thanks Ruarigh, 1st Newbury will be harder nut to crack than Edgehill, but I have more time this time and more experience.

Andreas I. sa...

Hehe, man måste ha projekt! Jag tror det ska gå att hitta en hel del terräng från DBA-sidorna, kan nog bli riktigt fint!

Radius sa...

Andreas, nya projekt är livsluften jag andas :-) Har du tips på länkar hade det varit toppen!

Andreas I. sa...


Kika här, det finns massor med länkar!

ravachol sa...

awesome project , and fantastic 3D gmt pike and musket games .

really like the way it develloped so far .

(tmp ravachol)

Radius sa...

Thanks Ravachol, I´m glad you like it.