söndag 29 november 2009

Goal Achieved: First Game of Edgehill played

My goal has been achieved! Last weekend, at the gaming convention in Helsingborg, the premier game of this project was played twice by me and my friends.

Everything went more or less according to plan. I´m still very tired from painting non-stop for the past two weeks and the weekend was also exhausting (explaining rules, talking to curious and friendly nerds, sleeping in the same motel room as infamous snorer Totte, all while under a serious case of dehydration).

I also lost both games and unfortunately I´m a very bad loser (but in the end I prefer to be, it´s a sign of passion and ambition).

I´m very happy with the way the project turned out. I also got lots of positive and kind comments from people at the convention. While usually not inclined to bragging, I would for once like to say to myself: good job.

I won´t talk more for now, but skip to the important stuff: the pictures!
Even more pictures can be found here.

7 kommentarer:

Foppa sa...

Applåder och trumpetfanfarer!!!

Ser helt förtjusande ut, jag får komma förbi en så du kan krossa mig i en dust.

Radius sa...

Tack Foppa. Du var saknad vid bordet.

Asko sa...

I say! No doubt who's this weekends hero. :-)

The setup is just looking fantastic! I recon that you guys had a lot of fun, and that you don't want to see a bucket of paint for a while. ;-)

I have been a lazy painter recently, spending time on one of my other hobbies - brewing beer. :-P But your pictures for sure are very inspiring so I'm gonna have some new painting sessions during the upcoming week.

Radius sa...

Thanks Asko, I hope the pictures inspires to our planned game at LinCon! We were four players this time and it worked fine, so multiplayer is a very good option.

You´re right, I do not want to paint for a while. I need a well deserved break. The profile of the cavalry miniature has burned itself into my retina, like when looking into the sun, so that when I close my eyes I see little cuirassiers...

Brewing beer spounds like a noble hobby, one I would like to master myself. I´ve lived in Belgium and there I fell in love with trappist beer and micro breweries.

Aquahog sa...

I just found this blog and I must say wow! Just simply wow!

Being a fan of both Baccus and M&P I've been toying with the idea of playing the game with miniatures. And you've actually done it, and it looks just plain amazing! Pity I didn't know of this earlier so I could have come down to Helsingborg to see it at the convention.

I'll have to show your blog to my friends up here in Gothenburg and see if I can get them interested in doing something similar with me. :)

Radius sa...

Aquahog: That is great to hear that someone else has had the same idea! A real pity that
you weren´t at Helsingborg.

I do hope you´ll start your own project and I wish you luck with it. Contact me if you want help and have questions. Perpaps we could use the same standards and set up a joint game some day.

I´m planning to go to LinCon and set up the game there, or perhaps 1st Newbury which is my next goal in the project. Perhaps you could join us? There´s more info at http://krigsspel.se/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2286
(if you´re not already a member)


Aquahog sa...

Radius: A pity indeed, believe me, I'd have there had I known of it. But there is always the next opportunity at LinCOn then.

I will happily discuss a possible joint game and standards. I have been a long time non-registered (shame on me) lurker at krigsspel.se. Something you, my good Sir, have now convinced me to amend by signing up.