fredag 5 mars 2010

Edgehill Played Yet Again

Last Saturday we played a game of Edgehill in Helsingborg. It was a fun introduction game with four players.

1) The first picture shows the Rebel musketeers screening the hedges.

2) The second shot shows cavalry action on the flanks, the white crosses are fired artillery and finished leaders.

3) Photo number three shows the Rebels trying to form a better line but getting hit in the rear by Royal cavalry.

4) Pic four shows a Rebel infantry brigade being forced into hedgehog and then shot up by two Royalist brigades.

2 kommentarer:

Asko sa...

Your Edgehill photos really makes me want to play M&P 3D.

Regarding LinCon. I really hope I will be able to participate there. The only thing that disturbs me right now is that we have planned a business trip to Spain around the same date as LinCon is. I'm not sure when this trip will be but I certainly hope it's not during the same weekend.
Are you planning to take the Edgehill stuff with you to LinCon as well? I think it would be a good scenario to play for me and perhaps one or two of my friends hopefully coming along since we are quite inexperienced in M&P.

Radius sa...

I hope you will be there! Let me know when the date starts to get closer.

I did not plan to bring Edgehill to LinCon. But in reality I am, because the 1st Newbury stuff is made up of the Edgehill stuff. Only the names on units change.

But setting up both scenarios, one after the other, might not be practical but who knows. I could only bring Edgehill, but i feel I need a new project deadline to strive towards.

1st Newbury is not that much harder than Edgehill. It´s longer and has more terrain, which complicates things. But the basics are the same. I suggest you and your friends practice on your own playing Edgehill, before LinCon :-)

I´m bringing some friends too, so we would have a really nice multiplayer game I think!