lördag 20 mars 2010

Off Track

Lately I´ve been contemplating a way to play the bigger Musket & Pike battles. I have found that playing the English civil war battles work well in 6mm, as there are comparatively few troops in relation to the Thirty Years war. But for example setting up Lützen 1632 would require double or even triple the amount of 6mm miniatures and terrain I possess now.

So I have decided to explore a new scale: 2mm. They are made by Irregular, but I contacted the Irregular stockist Angel Barracks and asked if I could order from them instead as he uses Paypal but Irregular does not.

My first batch of samples is on the way. According to Michael who runs Angel Barracks, the 2mm miniatures are "SOOOOOOOOOOOO tiny, very cool though."

Stay tuned for pictures of the little guys, when they arrive.

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Asko sa...

Hi, nice to read that you will take on some 30YW battles. I guess your approach towards 2mm make sense. I'm looking forward to see those guys one day.

Now to something more tedious. Today I got some disappointing news from my employer - I will be abroad on a business trip when LinCon takes place. I'm very sorry for the fact that I cannot attend. I was so looking forward to see your creations as well as do some serious M&P tabletop gaming. That's life I guess - ups and downs.
I hope you will do some posts here so I can follow you guys' progress on the battlefield while I'm away.
I also we'll get another chance pretty soon to, at last, game and discuss gaming projects.

Asko sa...

Hi again. As I now begin to have a number of ready bases which just stand on my painting table gathering dust, the question of storage and transport becomes urgent.

How have you solved this? It would be nice to have some sort of storage where you can be assured that the stands don't move around but are fixed.

Radius sa...

Boxes from Clas Ohlson and good old "häftmassa" under every base! Works very well, and cheap too.

Asko sa...

Häftmassa and Clas Ohlson-boxes sounds simple, cheap and brilliant! :-)
Thanks for the tip.

Radius sa...

About the boxes: I recommend the ones with the rounded bottom and movable compartment dividers. Easier to pick up the stands that way.