lördag 10 april 2010

Pictures of the first batch of 2mm

Some samples of the 2mm figures, made by Irregular, ordered from Angel Barracks.

And I used to think the 6mm were small, see the comparison!

The photos are:
1) Artillery, heavy and small
2) Various pikeblocks, shot and commanders in front
3) Cavalry, with the 6mm behind
4) Brigades, two types, probably the best looking figures.
5) My finger as comparison.

They are really small, perhaps too small for my needs. This will require some thinking... I will probably have to drop to a smaller hex grid game mat, 1 or 1.2 inches.

As with the ongoing 6mm project, I want to use the heavy infantry brigades as the base for all other sizes and measurements. Why? They are my favourite units and look really cool.

As you can see below, the brigades (pike with musketeers on the sides) are very small. I might be able to use that big pike block in pic 2 and add rows of musketeers on the sides... Or something to that effect.

More to come!

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Jorisch sa...

They´re more petit that Alizee!

Anonym sa...

They sexier too!