lördag 31 oktober 2009

Goal for October Done: All Infantry Finished

Today I finished my first set goal for this project. October was infantry month and now they are all done. So this evening I´m celebrating by, appropriately, going to an Oktoberfest at Burres place (my regular gaming buddy who also enjoys German kitsch and horrible folkmusic).

OK, all the little guys are done (except the bases, I´ll do all of those at one time, later when the game mat arrives, which should be next week).

Also, Foppa has borrowed a brigade to paint, I´ll get those from him soon I hope. Here´s some pictures of the (almost) complete army. Heavy infantry, artillery, dragoons and commanded muskets, it´s all there.

Now the next phase begins: Cavalry. I have already started experimenting with them, trying painting techniques and so on. Bought a new Vallejo color today for the horses; "Marron Bichos", or Beasty Brown.

Check out the video as well! Imagine yourself doing a muster, riding by the waiting army. Just ignore the scraping sound of the camera against the table and the illusion will be total ;-)

3 kommentarer:

Veloci sa...

Very nice!
Keep the updates coming :)

Asko sa...

Awesome! I'm amazed at the speed you are getting those figures ready - and still they are indeed very thoroughly done. It would take me at least 2-3 months to do the same work you have accomplished just in October. That's good work!

So, now I'll just sit and wait for some pictures of cuirassiers to appear here - should not take too long I figure. ;-)

Keep up the good work mate!

Radius sa...

Thanks guys! Your kind words inspires me to keep working.

Asko, the cavalry is already under way. I thought they would be a pain to do, but they´re actually quite nice and quick to paint. My only problem is deciding on how many figures I should have per cavalry base.