måndag 2 november 2009

First Cavalry Finished and Game Mat Has Landed

This hobby is like having Christmas every few weeks. With regular intervals orders arrive by mail and make your day. Today for instance my long awaited game mat arrived.

The game mat by Hotz Artworks looks good. 2 inch hexes on one side, 1,5 inch hexes on the other. To my surprise the mat I got was square, 117 by 117 centimeters.

I had ordered a 117 by 86 cm mat. But the one I got actually works much better for my needs, it matches the Edgehill map I´m using which is is 24 by 24 hexes. The 2 hex inch mat I ordered was only available in 23 by 21 hexes.

But I somehow received a 25 by 23 hex mat so once again I´m happy like a kid in some kind of a store.

Some photos of my first painted cavalry, on top of the new terrain mat. I´m playing around with different base sizes and how many horses I should have per base. These photos are dedicated to Asko (regular commentator of my blog posts) :-)

6 kommentarer:

Ruarigh sa...

It's all coming together nicely. I can't wait to see the finished project.

Radius sa...

Thanks Ruarigh, I´ll make sure to take lots of photos at the gaming convention in Helsingborg for you to see.

Asko sa...

Nice work! The cavalry looks just right! I really like the first photo - you really get the look and feel on how it is going to be when it's time for gaming.

Btw: how do you plan to show heights as terrain features in your game setups?

Btw2: did you know that Nothing Gained but Glory is scheduled for February? I'm really looking forward to that release.

Radius sa...

Asko, hills are a problem. After Edgehill I plan to do 1st and 2nd Newbury , which has hills, so I have to find a solution. At the moment I´m leaning towards this:


It´s a template for making hexes. I might also try putting things under the game mat to make hills, but that´s probably a not so good solution.

About NGBG, yes great news :-) We had at first been told it was due in October but GMT management pushed it back in the P500 line. I also look forward a lot to finally seeing the game in print, after all the work I´ve put into it.

Veloci sa...

Very nice, you are making the Hotz mats look very good. I like to put stuff under my mats for hills but it only works well for gradual slopes/hills. I have found that it works best if you make styro hills with gentle slopes (use a hot knife) and use these under the mat rather than just books etc.. On the last battle we did we used all kinds of junk like boogie boards and sheets of foam and some of the edges showed through but it was still not so bad because it was a 12 foot long hill!!

Radius sa...

Veloci, thanks for the tips regarding hills!

In Musket & Pike hills must be very clearly delineated. I have experimented a little with placing stuff under the game mat but I have not liked the results so far (it´s too hard to tell exactly what hexes are to be considered hill or not).

So I´m planning to make custom hills, using foam as you suggest, and then spray on a 2 inch hex grid using the Litko template. That way I can get the precise shape of hills that I need.