måndag 23 november 2009

Why no update for a while?

Why haven´t I written anything on the blog for quite some time? Well, I´ve been very busy with the project lately, just painting all those cavalry, leaders and basing units. No time or energy left for blogging.

I also got lazy in the first part of November, thinking I had all the time in the world. Then suddenly it´s D day! This Friday actually. I still have almost half the cavalry left to paint... But almost everything else is done. The weekend turned into a crazed frenzy of work in a fog of paint, glue and coffee.

This is what remains to be done, a list for my own benefit and relief (it always helps to write things down)
  • Paint all cavalry
  • Base all cavalry
  • Make more terrain: hedges and road sections. Not sure how many I need
  • Base the last two heavy infantry brigades (Foppa has one, I the other)
  • Iron out the folds on the game mat
  • Print out the Edgehill map and setup (because the game mat has no hex numbers)
  • Make little name tags for the units, such as "Byron 18-8" (Byron´s brigade, strenght 18, morale 8), or "4-8 lb 4-14" (Artillery, sakers, range)
  • Paint and base all 14 leaders I need (6 of them are done)
  • Pack all miniatures, rules, charts and counters I need for the game
  • Pack sleeping bag and everything else I need to stay in Helsingborg for two nights
And much more I can´t remember right now that will probably pop up in my mind on Thursday evening, knowing myself.

4 kommentarer:

Asko sa...

Oh my, oh my - that is what I call a workload for one week. I sincerely hope you will be able to finish the stuff before the convention. Not just for your sake but also for mine: I expect to see some very juicy photos from your sessions down there. ;-)

BTW - regarding LinCon. I think I will be able to bring some 2 or 3 gamers with me to join in the M&P games. I hope that's ok for you? Maybe I can be of some administrative help rather than playing when down there? Or we could try a multiplayer session. Well let's discuss that later on.

Keep up the good work and good luck!

Radius sa...

Asko, I actually think I´ll make it. The cavalry is almost complete, just the basing left. A friend of mine has volunteered to help out on Thursday evening, my last chance of doing things. I promise lots of pictures!

About LinCon, more players would be great. Multiplayer multiplies the fun. Look forward to it.

Jorisch sa...

I hope you finish all the stuff before the weekend and good luck at the convention!

Take a lot of pictures, would be nice to add a report on Bored Gamers.

Radius sa...

Thanks, I will make sure to take lots of photos (although my camera is crap).

In the event that the convention becomes a yearly happening, you should join us next time and set up one of your own projects!