fredag 1 januari 2010

Edgehill Played Again

A couple of days ago we played another game of Edgehill. It was fun and a new player learned the rules.

Actually the whole day was full of Musket and Pike gaming for me. From 12 to 7 we played the battle of Alerheim, from the Under the Lily Banners box, then switched players and place for a 6mm game of Edgehill in the evening.

The Edgehill game opened with quick Royal advances on both flanks. My dragoons on the Parliament right wing did very well and shot the attacking Royalist dragoons to ribbons. This stalled the Royal attack for many turns, and the flank felt safe throughout the game.

In the center not much happened. Parliament pushed forward the left and rightmost brigades, so we had a crescent shaped deployment that I liked a lot.

On the other flank, in the hedges seen on the picture, Rupert's elite cavalry slowly wore down the Parliament cavalry, but our defense there was as good as it can be. The commanded muskets suffered heavy losses as always.

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