söndag 10 januari 2010

Houses Painted

Pictures of all the finished houses. The first four or five are meant to be village dwellings or farm houses. The last two are humbler barns or sheds.

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Dagon sa...

Thanks David for you visit at my blog.
It seems that you have been working hard.
Nice looking houses. I have to do some myself eventually. I have 2-3 houses that I've ordered from Baccus earlier.

BTW: regarding music. When we game at my place I use to put on music that reflects the period we are simulating. So if it's SYW I run some 18th century classical music. If it's ACW or WWI I use contemporary military music for that period. Contemporary music really adds to the gaming experience and gives a nice atmosphere to the session.

Radius sa...

Thanks Dagon, I´m glad you like my little houses. Actually, the work involved was very easy and fast. I´m still postponing doing the real job: start painting to be able to play 1st Newbury.

I also enjoy contemporary music, and we do often play 17th century works. But I would still like some more "action" musicwise.

Dagon sa...

One solution is to use music from Computer Games. I find the music from the Total War series very satisfactory for an atmospheric addition. Nice mixes between intense action and softer parts and also some battlefield cheers/sounds mixed into some of the tracks. You should check it up.

Radius sa...

That is a very good tip! I´ll check it out.

Tonight I´m playing OCS Burma with some friends, the soundtrack for the BBC documentary Wild China is perfect. Recommended!