tisdag 5 januari 2010

First Houses Complete

Today I walked to the hobby store and got some balsa wood for the houses I have planned to do.

A couple of hours later and here´s the result. Together with the building parts from Irregular the houses came out very nice, at least I think so. Building them was surprisingly fun!

Choosing the windows and doors, chimneys and balconies and adding some detail like the spare gun wheel I had saved: all very satisfying. Next step is to paint them, which should also be fun.

These houses are very cheap, I got all the balsa I will ever need plus a can of spray paint for 80 crowns (that´s 7 £ or 11 $).

When I run out of metal building parts I´ll just keep making simple houses and barns. I need houses to play 1st Newbury, the battle features a two hex village and some other scattered farms and houses.

Some more pictures, showing also my new siege guns and a new unit of light infantry, plus a close up of one of the little houses:

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